ALLIANZ Car Insurance: Have a good trip on La Palma Island!

Peace in mind with a reliable car insurance

With an ALLIANZ car insurance, you will drive more relaxed on La Palma Island by having a strong insurance partner by your side. With DV La Palma and Allianz Car Insurance you may also profit from individual price reductions which value your driver history and experience. Furthermore, reliable breakdown assistance is always included no matter which tariff you chose.

Several different levels of cover are available with Allianz Car Insurance. 

Tercero (third party liability insurance):

With ALLIANZ General Third-party Liability insurance you don’t need to worry in case of an accident.

Básico (comprehensive coverage car insurance):

Comprehensive coverage: Broken windscreen, Fire, Vandalism, Theft, Falling objects, Collisions with animals. This is the perfect car insurance for La Palma island (if you are not driving a brand new car). 

Todo Riesgo (fully comprehensive insurance):

Full coverage with or without co-pay – recommendable especially for new or seminew cars. Enjoy all the benefits of ALLIANZ Car Insurance.

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Free Breakdown assistance
In case of breakdown, the use of Allianz Assistance is free of charge.

Call Allianz Assistance (Grúa): Tel: 914 522 912 (from abroad: +34 914 522 912)

Insurances for Mopeds and Motorcycles

Prefer to drive on two wheels only? DV La Palma is your partner in insurances for all kind of powered two-wheelers. La Palma Island is a wonderful place for bikers with a unique nature and curvy roads for adventuresome people. Here are many places to explore only on two wheels. And it’s good to know to have a good insurance for just in case.

Enjoy your ride – with an ALLIANZ car insurance!