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Allianz Private Health insurance

Everybody who lives in Spain has access to the governmental health care system – for free. This is important to know, especially as the only real hospital on La Palma Island belongs to the governmental Seguridad Social.
Private health insurance does not cover medics, treatments or hospitals which belong to the governmental health care system. Private insurances therefore only cover private medics and private hospitals. There are a lot of private medics on La Palma Islands, but there is only a rudimental hospital service for patients with private insurances, meaning no ICU, no emergency service, no surgery wards and so on. So what is a private insurance on La Palma Island for?
For a range of treatments and diagnostics in the governmental health care system, especially when it comes to medical specialists, people need to wait for an appointment. Depending on the specialist field, it can take up to one entire year to get a diagnosis.
With a private insurance, you are able to skip the waiting period by getting your diagnosis from a private medic. Furthermore, you are able to chose where you like to get your treatment: in private hospital on Tenerife or in a governmental hospital. This is only possible for treatments planned in advance, of course. In case of emergency, the only available hospital on La Palma is the Hospital General La Palma, which is in a quite sad state.

Generally speaking there are 2 different types of private health care insurances:

1. The classic refund system:

You pay your medic on your own and pass in your invoices to the insurance, which pays you a part or the full amount of costs – depending on the chosen tariff. Talk to us if you would like to know more about Allianz Reembolso.

2. The medical network:

With a private ALLIANZ health insurance of this kind, you may chose your medic from a list provided by your insurer. This means that you’ll have only access to medics who cooperate directly with Allianz Insurance. The insurance pays directly to the medic (or the hospital) and charges you a co-payment – depending on your chosen tariff. We help you to find the tariff which fits most to you.

Check out here all medics and hospitals from the Network ALLIANZ Cuadro Médico.

2.1. Hospitals (medical network) in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

  • Clinica Parque – Calle Mendez Nuñez 40 – Tel. 922 27 44 00
  • Hospital Santa Cruz – Calle Enrique Wolfson 8 – Tel. 922 53 47 20
  • Hospiten Rambla – Rambla General Franco 115, Tel. 922 53 43 60

2.2 More hospitals in Tenerife

  • Hospiten Sur, Calle Playa de las Americas, Las Americas (Arona), Tel. 922 77 77 60
  • Hospiten Bellevue, Urb. San Fernando, Calle Alemania 6, Puerto de la Cruz, Tel. 922 38 97 00
  • Clinica Tara, Calle Casas Altas, Tacoronte, Tel. 922 56 33 51
  • USP Costa Adeje, Urb. San Eugenio, Costa Adeje-San Eugenio, Tel. 922 75 26 26


Medical emergency Spain: 902 302 402

Medical emergency International: Tel: +34 914 522 915

Stolen membership card: Tel: 902 302 402

Application for direct payment: Tel: 902 200 646.

We are happy to help you with your Allianz health insurance on La Palma!